Spring Favourites 2017 | Things I Have Been Loving

Hello my dear readers,

Today I am going to talk about all the things that I’ve been loving throughout Spring. These past few months have been quite some eventful ones, with ups and downs and a lot of changes, so as the weeks were going by I was discovering new things and I realised I might as well share them with my readers. I thought I would turn this into a regular thing, so from now on, I’ll write a favourites post every season.

1. Beautiful Nudes and Shades of Pink

  • Clarins Nail Polish in shade Hazelnut – my go-to when I don’t have enough time to contemplat on what colour I should put on my nails, or when I need something that goes with everything. Beautiful shade and good quality formula.
  • Estee Lauder Nail Polish in shade Rosa Rosa – pink nail polish screams Spring for me, though surprisingly enough, I find myself wearing this quite a lot in Autumn too, as it goes very well with earthy colours.
  • MaxFactor Liquid Lipstick in shade 190 – LOVE it! It’s been my staple all throughout Winter and still going strong through Spring. I should also mention that it dries matte, which is why it could result in you having chapped lips, so make sure you moisturize properly.
  • Alda Lip Liner – a beautiful coral pink, perfect for Spring and Summer looks. I like the consistency of this product, it’s hard enough to have good precision, but creamy enough so not to hurt your lips.




2. Farmec Nail Treatment

About a year ago I was recommended this product by a friend of mine, and in my utter desperation to have strong, beautiful and long nails, i bought is. It didn’t even cost much, but I was convinced it wouldn’t work. Boy, was I wrong!

What you have to do is use it once a day for at least a week, and preferably not wear nail polish during this time. After a week or two of following this treatment, you can start painting your nails and just use the nail strengthener once a week or before you put on nail polish. I did this in the first month or so and I got amazing results.

I didn’t use it for probably over a year and my nails have been great. But now they’ve become a bit weak so I’ve started using it again and I can already see how the product is working its magic.


3. Asian Face Masks

Months ago I received some Chinese face masks from my friend and I just got around to using them, and then a few weeks ago I also purchased a Korean face mask. Both types are for moisturizing and rejuvenating the face and I was surprised to see that they really work. I tend to have dry skin (who else struggles with drinking enough water?), so to see that I finally found an easy and enjoyable solution to this is awesome! I hope you try it out, even if it’s just for fun.


4. Hats

They’ve become my favourite accessories not only for Spring, but for all year round. I find that a hat makes an outfit so much more sophisticated and interesting, and helps making your face the focal point. I’ve really been into berets and I’ve been using these very cute fluffy ones that I got some time ago for Christmas (featured in this post). I have yet to find a classic black or red one because my head is so small, so if you know of any places where you can get small(er) hats pleaaase let me know! The other hat that I’ve been wearing nonstop, especially during rainy days, is this corduroy cap (outfit post coming up very soon!!).


5.  Podcasts

Something that has become a habit for me every time I clean my room or I’m getting ready for the day, is to listen to podcasts. A few weeks ago I discovered this app called Player Fm (it’s the one with the red and white circle), where you can find so many shows and you can subscribe to the ones you like and want to listen to. You can also choose the topics you’re interested in and you get suggestions based on your interests.


Well that is it for this Spring. I’d love to hear about one item you loved this season and the reason you’re so in love with it.

Have a wonderful week,