How to Have the Best Year

 Hello, lovelies! We have entered the new year and that means most of us have an entire list of things that we want to accomplish by the end of January 2017. I have a list too, and this time I set my mind to really do my best to cross (almost?) everything off it. In this post I’m going to share with you some tips that I have learned along the way and that I am ready to put to good use this year, in order to have the BEST YEAR YET!
I am a strong believer that a tidy home means a clear mind. So whenever I enter a new year, I like to clean my house and get rid of everything I don’t need anymore. And if you’re anything like me, you know you just can’t study if your desk isn’t organised.
I have exams coming up in a few weeks, so just a couple of days ago I made sure I got rid of any unnecessary things on/in my desk and I prepared my space so that I would have a clean and organised environment.
When you make a decision to have the best year, you need to know what you want. There are some that have no problem with this, but others really struggle to find the things that they truly want to do in their lives. My advice? ask yourself the following questions:
If you could choose one thing to accomplish this year, what is it? Imagine yourself at the  2018 New Year’s party, now what is it that you’re really proud of having accomplished?
And when you think fast forward to the last day of your life, what are the things you’re really happy you got the chance to do? Do you have any regrets?
These are questions that never fail to put me face to face with my reality and realize I have so may things to look forward to and to work towards.
When you ask yourself these questions, get a piece of paper and write down the answers, and based on these answers you are able to determine a life vision and your 2017 goals.
One of my favourite things to do as I’m crossing into the new year is a vision board. I do this based on my goals that I’ve set. There are a couple of ways in which you can do yours, but I prefer to do it on my computer, as it looks more neat and clean. Another tip is to make categories, like Career, Relationships, Personal etc., and add a few photos for each category.
Sometimes life just gets a little too much to handle, so it’s important to have a few tricks up your sleeve that can help you overcome those stressful times. I deal best with these situations when I have a clear schedule to follow, and that’s why, I have a planner for everything: schoolwork, blog, youtube, personal etc.
This year I plan on raising some money and travel a bit, so I’ve made 3 envelopes: in the first one I raise money for myself, in the second one both my boyfriend and I chip in, an din the third I gather receipts.
That’s it for today’s blog post. If you want to find some more details you can watch the video above. I hope this information was helpful and I wish you all the best year! Talk to you soon!


After I made a blog post all about my birthday, it is only right that I continue by writing about all the things I got on this special day.

I don’t know how many presents people of my age usually get, but I thought I got quite a lot this year.

I will start with the clothes. One of these days I went shopping with my Mom, because we usually like to do that together, and I ended up with a few presents that I am very happy about: a big, chunky, warm sweater, which will be perfect for those cold winter days, a thin sweater, which I like just as much as the other one, a new backpack for school, cause the old one broke, and a pair of wellies.

Before that, I went shopping with my boyfriend as he needed to get thing for his leave to The Netherlands in just a few days. And because he wouldn’t have had time to get me a birthday present any other time, he got me that day a big fluffy scarf, that I can’t wait to wear.

As you can tell, all of these are autumn/winter clothes, and the main reason for that is because where I live the tperiod of time during a year when it is hot (summer) is shorter than the period of time when it is cold (autumn, winter, and usually even spring), and besides that, I don’t really like summer and the heat, so I’m definitely not as excited for buying summer clothes, and I always feel like I have enough of them and I don’t really need any more. However, when it comes to autumn and winter, I can’t wait to wear warm clothes, drink hot chocolate and hot teas, to breathe in the cold and fresh air and to enjoy the rainy days snuggled up in bed, watching a good film.

Sweater Stradivarius                Scarf Stradivarius
Wellies Decathlon
Backpack Decathlon

Beside all of these cute clothes and accessories, I also received some cool beauty products, as well as something to eat and drink


A little box with flowers for tea in it
Shower gel Yves Rocher
The smallest jar I have seen in my life with the best marmelade I have ever tasted – orange with champagne
A toy form China that children play with like dribbling a ball. It is very entertaining, though I failed miserably every time I tried to play with it haha.
Book marks that I wil need for sure in my following college years 🙂
Face mask that I haven’t tried yet, but I can’t wait to do have a perfect pamper routine, and maybe I ‘ll even blog about it! 😉

And that was everything that I got, and I say I have gotten maybe even more things than I should have! I am so grateful for all of these things and I can;t wait to start using them (although, as you can see, I couldn’t help myself from trying out that amazing lip gloss)!

Have an awesome day!