Biker Chick | An (Almost) All-Black Outfit

Hello my dear readers,

I hope you’ve all had a beautiful weekend. Today I am sharing with you one of my outfits of the day from Sunday. This Spring and Summer (so far) the weather here in Romania has been crazy! One day it’s cold, one day it’s warm, one day it rains, one day it’s windy… you get the drill. But the point is no matter how many times you check the weather app, you either end up over dressed or under dressed (which is even worse).

My outfit was almost appropriate (the jacket was a bit too much) but I probably would have worn it anyway cause I like it so much.

One thing you might notice about my style if you stick around long enough is that it tends to be pretty versatile: my outfits are either very girly/feminine and elegant, or sometimes when I feel more badass I tend to wear more “cool” outfits. Sunday was one of those days and when I tried to think of a title for this post the words “Biker Chick” just popped in my head. It probably has to do with the fact that I’m wearing a biker jacket and a lot of black…





A big thank you to my goofy & wonderful boy for taking the photographer role whenever I need it and for doing such a good job at it.

Guys, this week don’t be afraid to unleash your inner rebel and be a cool badass.

Thank you for reading,



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