After I made a blog post all about my birthday, it is only right that I continue by writing about all the things I got on this special day.

I don’t know how many presents people of my age usually get, but I thought I got quite a lot this year.

I will start with the clothes. One of these days I went shopping with my Mom, because we usually like to do that together, and I ended up with a few presents that I am very happy about: a big, chunky, warm sweater, which will be perfect for those cold winter days, a thin sweater, which I like just as much as the other one, a new backpack for school, cause the old one broke, and a pair of wellies.

Before that, I went shopping with my boyfriend as he needed to get thing for his leave to The Netherlands in just a few days. And because he wouldn’t have had time to get me a birthday present any other time, he got me that day a big fluffy scarf, that I can’t wait to wear.

As you can tell, all of these are autumn/winter clothes, and the main reason for that is because where I live the tperiod of time during a year when it is hot (summer) is shorter than the period of time when it is cold (autumn, winter, and usually even spring), and besides that, I don’t really like summer and the heat, so I’m definitely not as excited for buying summer clothes, and I always feel like I have enough of them and I don’t really need any more. However, when it comes to autumn and winter, I can’t wait to wear warm clothes, drink hot chocolate and hot teas, to breathe in the cold and fresh air and to enjoy the rainy days snuggled up in bed, watching a good film.

Sweater Stradivarius                Scarf Stradivarius
Wellies Decathlon
Backpack Decathlon

Beside all of these cute clothes and accessories, I also received some cool beauty products, as well as something to eat and drink


A little box with flowers for tea in it
Shower gel Yves Rocher
The smallest jar I have seen in my life with the best marmelade I have ever tasted – orange with champagne
A toy form China that children play with like dribbling a ball. It is very entertaining, though I failed miserably every time I tried to play with it haha.
Book marks that I wil need for sure in my following college years 🙂
Face mask that I haven’t tried yet, but I can’t wait to do have a perfect pamper routine, and maybe I ‘ll even blog about it! 😉

And that was everything that I got, and I say I have gotten maybe even more things than I should have! I am so grateful for all of these things and I can;t wait to start using them (although, as you can see, I couldn’t help myself from trying out that amazing lip gloss)!

Have an awesome day!


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